Help Them Walk Again


Helping people who are facing debilitating physical ailments continue their recovery efforts to improve their quality of life.


Delivering individualized and effective exercise programming using a pool as well as traditional indoor strength training. 


Improving the functional fitness of those afflicted will make their activities of daily living more manageable. 

There exists a need for individualized exercise programming for people suffering from debilitating events such as strokes, advanced neuropathy, car accidents, spinal surgeries, Parkinsons disease and Alzheimers. People who have been discharged from physical therapy but are still in dire need of personalized training. 

Many have been discharged prematurely because insurance allotments run out. Most, still unable to walk transfer from bed to chair, are expected to continue recovery efforts all alone. The cost of continued physical therapy can exceed $120 per visit if they choose private pay.  More often than not the hardship is just too great. Frustration and depression settle in and many just give up.

Usually their only income is some sort of disability benefit, social security or small pension if they had already been retired. Their monthly income just isn't enough to cover the extra cost of personal training even though it's just a fraction of the cost of physical therapy.

Help Them Walk Again is a program developed to help offset that cost. All contributions go towards subsidizing personal training costs for those who need it. Only with your generosity and ongoing support can an endeavor like this work. Those that have been left behind with no choice but to endure daily hardships will know they are not alone.